As the name might suggest, Sombat’s roots lie in South-East Asia. He grew up in a large family in Bangkok,steeped in the Thai culture. Both his mother and various other members of his family were educated in the famous Sauwapa Palace Institute for Thai Gastronomy. It is not surprising therefore that Sombat graduated from the Faculty of Hotel Management in Bangkok. Following this he worked as a trainee in the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok and later in the Brussels Hilton hotel.

He also followed courses and worked as a trainee at CERIA, a Hotel Management School in Brussels.

Sombat started out in the restaurant sector in Brussels in 1985 with his own restaurant and just 2 years later was awarded the bronze medal for promising young restaurant owner. In May 1995 Sombat moved to Antwerp and has since than been the owner of the restaurant bearing his name – SOMBAT THAI CUISINE. In this new challenge he has been able to count on the team spirit of his employees, mostly family members. Driven by the dynamic vision of Sombat it has become their commitment to strive for an unsurpassed quality in Thai gastronomy.

The location chosen for the restaurant was very unique indeed, right next to the Schelde, the cradle of Antwerp, between the ruins of the ‘Steen’ castle and the ‘Vleeshuis’. It is housed in a neo-gothic building with blunt corner towers and windows with Tudor arches. The stylish interior with its Eastern atmosphere is just perfect of one to enjoy the delicious and fragrant Southeast Asian dishes.

Meanwhile, Sombat Thai Cuisine became a meeting place for food connoisseurs and the place to be for all those who lost their hart in Thailand – the land of the smile.

To maintain his affinity with Eastern cooking, Sombat often returns to his homeland, although his ambition extends further than just satisfying the pleasure of our palates.

In the various projects Sombat has undertaken he always wanted to show that it is possible to combine Eastern refinement with Western tradition.

This ambition in itself became a mission to promote the authentic Thai culture in all its forms.

Come savor the exotic tastes and aromas and experience the intense riches of Thai haute cuisine while you forget time and give-in to the charm of this Thai experience.